Tradition Grows Strong

Tradition Grows Strong

More than a millennium ago, Saint Valentine was skipping through the streets of Rome conducting marriage ceremonies for whoever needed them, earning himself a reputation as a matchmaker in an era when it wasn’t an easy thing to be. For more than a thousand years, flowers have been laid out to honour his earthly remains. Would that we had the gig as their florist, we’d be set for life.

As it is, we’ve been entrusted with keeping the enduring spirit of Valentine wreathed in roses and declarations of love. It’s a pretty big spirit. While we’ve established ourselves a little further south than Rome, our flower deliveries represent a tradition that’s managed to leap the border of every country in the world. Valentines flowers go hand in hand with the paper hearts that abound on the February 14th weekend, so for the florists in Johannesburg, there’s more than enough work to go around.

Like Valentine, Bespoke Bouquet has taken the mission of romance on the road, ready to make a flower delivery wherever the adventure takes us, though perhaps not so far as Europe. Or the outer city limits.

But – if it’s in Sandton, Randburg or the CBD, we’re more than happy to make your match.

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