Mystery Visitor

Mystery Visitor

From Randburg to Sandton to all in-between, we’ve sent flower deliveries out to help spread the caring. It’s great to do a run somewhere unusual, even if there are closer florists in Johannesburg. Not only so our florist can add her personal flair but so I can have an adventure on the flower delivery.

Heading out I don’t always know who I’ll be visiting or why. I’ll arrive and it takes some detective work to find a person, because reception won’t be aware there are hundreds of telemarketers in a basement office, or there’s a taxidermist at the end of the road. I’ll end up having to stop strangers and ask for directions – I find people are more than willing to help, and would happily take a bunch of roses off my hands if I let them. If I did I’d need to bring along a lot more roses.

When I find the lucky recipient matched to our online florist, it’s a question of a happy smile or a sad smile – the flowers do bring a smile, in any case. I find the odds are 10 to 1 I’ll be there to celebrate life and happiness. The other 1 time, it’ll be loss or injury, and a brighter moment in the dark.

Who knows where I’ll be headed next? Maybe I’ll see you there. Maybe I’ll have a blossoming bouquet just for you.

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