Hearts’ Warming

Hearts’ Warming

With February upon us, it’s time to gather the chocolates and wrap up the roses for what’s going to be a whirlwind fortnight of flower deliveries. The florists of Johannesburg are arming themselves with shears and ribbons, while we humble delivery-persons are polishing up our knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of Johannesburg’s faulty traffic lights and indecorous road closures. Valentine’s Day is nearly at our doorstep, and for Bespoke Bouquet that means a dizzying romp across the city spreading as many Valentine’s flowers as possible.

Jubilant (50 roses)

If you’ve yet to pick a florist, we’d be happy to handle your flower delivery for you. There are more than enough roses to go around, coming in fresh by the truckload from the nurseries in the green surrounds of the province. Only the deepest red and brightest pink will serve for Valentine’s, and at Bespoke we take especial care to ensure our clients receive top quality flowers.


If you’re a lonely heart, now is the perfect time to ask whether you’d like to remain so. If you’re a secret admirer, you can trust our professional discretion in getting the message across to your beloved. Here at Bespoke, we’ve romance made to order.

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