Hazy Days

Hazy Days

With a heat wave as fierce as the one blazing through the city, any flower delivery in Johannesburg could be mistaken for a visit from a mobile perfumery. Heady scents are wafting through the air, singed plastic and the sewage-tang of blistering tar are spreading through the streets – anyone with a sensitive nose has more concerns than staying cool. There’s an olfactory battle taking place between clean aromas and the populous odours of city life.


Working for a florist in Johannesburg right now comes with its perks. A cleansing balm of roses almost makes the heat worthwhile, and the chrysanthemum’s scents are so enticing they can purify the sweatiest workspace. Flowers are more than decorative – they’re a way to filter the air as it rolls unctuously by, pleasant to breathe for a reprieve when it all gets too unbearable.


Why not take the opportunity to turn the heat to your advantage? Our collection has never smelled better, our flowers never fresher. We make sure they have a supply of water to keep them as vivacious as they can be right up to the moment they get signed over to our clients.


It just takes a few more clicks to find our flowers online. You could practically smell them.

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