Bearing Good News

Bearing Good News

We’ve got wildlife at Bespoke Bouquet: stray animals keep getting at our flowers. Don’t worry – they aren’t the savage sort who nibble on the blossoms. Actually, they’re really cute. You can’t begrudge a hedgehog peeking up from the garden. As for the bears – these ones aren’t grizzly. You’d be tempted to hug the little guys.


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We took the opportunity to put them to work helping out with the deliveries. Strapped in tight the bears sit quiet as cubs, while the hedgehogs – notoriously curious creatures – scurry around my car trying to get a look at Johannesburg’s safari.

They bring smiles to faces wherever we go, and when we get there, these bears are all business: They’re specially trained to relay tidings of love and celebration, and nothing stands between them and their charges. A delivery in Johannesburg really takes a team of tiny infiltration experts with the finesse and googly eyes necessary to charm their way past suspicious security guards.


Check them out at our online florist, and let us know if you’d like to adopt a flower teddy or happy hedgehog. Each leaves the nursery with a lot of personality and a blooming spirit.


And I can promise they’ll behave themselves.

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