A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Summer in Johannesburg resembles an extravagant metamorphosis. You can forget the vibrant, hidden heart of the city when it’s being held together with prickly wild grass and balding trees. Just beneath, a cascade of blossoms are ready to emerge. The roads run purple with an excess of jacaranda flowers, cosmos and golden acacia.


Which isn’t to say it’s all sunshine and daisies. To a lot of people, a Johannesburg summer means hay fever, and carefully timed sneezes.Very carefully timed sneezes if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road. Yes, life has its subtle dangers, even if you’re just doing a flower delivery for an online florist.

The solution may well be a bespoke bouquet – you don’t need to brave the urban wilderness to enjoy the local greenery. With an online florist in the neighbourhood you can get a bit of the best of it wrapped up and delivered to your door. Roses are pollen-free, and a great way to embrace the summer. They’re probably the safest way to show your appreciation for a loved one, with the lowest associated chance of accidental asphyxiation.


With our website back online, anything you may need is just a few short clicks away. There are dozens of arrangements ready in the catalogue, and feel free to make a request if you’re looking to put together something special or unique.

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