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How to look after your roses

Сare instructions:

  1. How to extend the life of your roses
  2. Our long stem luxury roses should last at least one week or even longer if cared for as follows:
  3. Please put your roses into fresh water as soon as they arrive
  4. Please make sure the vase that you use to display your roses in is really clean, using bleach if necessary and rinsing out well. Cleanliness is a major factor in the life of any cut flowers. Glass, pottery or porcelain containers are ideal. Avoid metal containers, which may shorten vase life
  5. Dissolve the flower feed in lukewarm water and add it to the vase
  6. Remove the bottom 1 inch of the stem, making a slanted cut. Always use a clean, sharp, non-serrated blade or pair of scissors
  7. Remove all foliage which will be below the level of the water in the vase. This will otherwise decay and contaminate the water
  8. Remove the outside guard petals. These rugged outer petals were left on to protect your roses during shipment
  9. You'll find that long stem luxury roses can quickly take up a lot of water, especially in warm conditions. Check the water level daily and keep it topped up
  10. Every second day, or if you notice that the water in the vase is getting cloudy, rinse the stems clean and change the water. Re-cut the stems as above
  11. Choose the perfect place for your vase of roses. The warmer the room, the shorter the vase life will be. For longest life, place the roses in a cool place, but away from strong drafts from air conditioning units. Avoid putting the roses close to sources of heat such as radiators or direct sunlight
  12. Avoid touching the flowers themselves too much. The oils in our skin break down the flowers and speed up the decomposition process
  13. Keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables since they give off gasses that can affect cut flowers