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Climbing Buds, Creeping Greens



After what’s been a very rainy week, we’re ready to shake ourselves off and bestow a little sunshine on Joburg’s grey canvas before things get too gloomy. Our roses are looking stunningly bright at the moment, well fed as they are on the richness of Summer. Across the city, the gardens are getting a little... unruly. The florists in Johannesburg will have an uphill battle on their hands keeping their nurseries trimmed and orderly, when every time they turn their backs their gardens have grown another couple of centimetres.


Thankfully by the time I get my hands on a flower delivery, our florist has pruned and clipped them and given them a stern talking to to ensure that there aren’t any stray thorns that may unintentionally harm our clients, which would be the exact opposite of the message we send. It’s a pity roses are so prickly at one end, even if they more than make up for it with the splendour at the other. It isn’t a case of having to endure pain to appreciate beauty; before preparing a rose for any flower deliveries, Bespoke ensures the wild dangers of a rose are clipped back and well taken care of. Good for me too, or I might spend half my pay check on bandages.



A Rose’s Perfection



With the season in full swing, rosebuds are popping up virtually overnight, ready for reaping, wrapping, and delivery to your doorstep. We’ve had some busy days this week, but our florist has managed the extra work and the flower deliveries keep going out to our clients on time. With those larger deliveries comes the need for particular care getting the flowers to their destination. For someone ferrying them across the city, sharp turns are The Enemy. Flowers are pretty delicate cargo, so it’s important to make sure they get as little direct sunlight as possible, and that they aren’t leaning up against anything that could bruise them. When you’re driving, and the idea is to have them balancing upright as well as not touching anything – a flower delivery can be a bit like spinning a plate. Without looking at the plate.


Bespoke tries its hardest to be one of the best florists in Johannesburg for quality over quantity. Rather than selling any overstock we may have the week after, we begin every week with a fresh batch. It costs a little more to do it like that, but the results really speak for themselves. The more perfect the rose, the more precious the experience we can offer.



Flowers for Everyone



Historically, the 21st century hasn’t been the most successful time to be a florist. It isn’t because we’re doing badly, but because in the past people have gone bonkers over flowers. Would that we lived perpetually in the glorious age of the tulip bubble, when the price of a single tulip bulb could have paid a living wage for several years, a single flower delivery could have seen me through to comfortable old age.


We don’t though, and as bad as that may be for me, the world outside the bubble is undoubtedly fairer on everyone else. The florists of Johannesburg have managed to keep the plentiful joys of nature alive in our sometimes stifling city, ensuring that tulips and roses aren’t the exclusive benefit of the few, but something we all can appreciate. From the look of the flower deliveries we do week to week, people are still as mad over flowers as they were in the 1600s. Now though, we’ve managed to ensure everyone gets the garden and sunshine they deserve. Of course, while time has moved on there’s still some similarity between being in a tulip bubble and being in love. Flowers are our way of telling a person they are worth a whole bunch of tulip bulbs, to us, a million bucks.



Gilded Messages



With another week of flower deliveries behind us, things are getting back to normal at Bespoke in the wake of the Valentine’s Weekend rush. There are birthdays to commemorate and offices to brighten up, which the florists of Johannesburg are happy to attend to. For me, of course, that means a lot of ducking in and out of traffic, tracking down hard-to-find departments in sprawling office complexes, and making sure the person signing for the flowers is actually the person they say they are (which is not guaranteed to be the case). It’s all in a day’s work.


One thing that usually happens out on a flower delivery, once the bouquet is done being admired, is our clients want to know who the flowers are from. Each delivery comes with a personalised message, the contents of which are entirely up to the one sending it. Our florist can make that message irresistible, enshrined in a bed of bright colour and enticing scents, in many ways that’s as much a message as the contents of the letter we relay. But ultimately, people recognise that they aren’t only being given flowers: they’re being given the love and affection of someone in their life, and they can’t wait to find out who that is.



Roses’ Rush



Valentine’s has come upon us in a storm of petals this year, and we’ll be busy well into next week filling the orders. At this point, a single weekend set aside for the cause of romance may not be enough. So feel free to join us as the celebration continues, and send a flower delivery to your dearly beloved when they least expect it in the aftermath of the holiday.


While the florists of Johannesburg offer a sigh of relief at having survived the most difficult part of their year, there’s still plenty to do; birthday bouquets to arrange and anniversary gifts to assemble that will continue to pepper people’s calendars in the coming months. At Bespoke Bouquet this is usually the time we pick up new regulars, as the skill of our florist and health of our roses endures the longer they are there on your living room table for people to marvel at. If you’re looking for the best florists in Johannesburg, you’re definitely in the right place. Or ‘cyberplace’. It’s marvellous how these days you can get the best service from the comfort of your desk chair. It’d be wonderful if I could do my deliveries in the same way... but someone needs to go out there and brave the city traffic. Better me than you, eh?



Hearts’ Warming



With February upon us, it’s time to gather the chocolates and wrap up the roses for what’s going to be a whirlwind fortnight of flower deliveries. The florists of Johannesburg are arming themselves with shears and ribbons, while we humble delivery-persons are polishing up our knowledge of the ever-changing landscape of Johannesburg’s faulty traffic lights and indecorous road closures. Valentine’s Day is nearly at our doorstep, and for Bespoke Bouquet that means a dizzying romp across the city spreading as many Valentine’s flowers as possible.

If you’ve yet to pick a florist, we’d be happy to handle your flower delivery for you. There are more than enough roses to go around, coming in fresh by the truckload from the nurseries in the green surrounds of the province. Only the deepest red and brightest pink will serve for Valentine’s, and at Bespoke we take especial care to ensure our clients receive top quality flowers.


If you’re a lonely heart, now is the perfect time to ask whether you’d like to remain so. If you’re a secret admirer, you can trust our professional discretion in getting the message across to your beloved. Here at Bespoke, we’ve romance made to order.



Tradition Grows Strong



More than a millennium ago, Saint Valentine was skipping through the streets of Rome conducting marriage ceremonies for whoever needed them, earning himself a reputation as a matchmaker in an era when it wasn’t an easy thing to be. For more than a thousand years, flowers have been laid out to honour his earthly remains. Would that we had the gig as their florist, we’d be set for life.


As it is, we’ve been entrusted with keeping the enduring spirit of Valentine wreathed in roses and declarations of love. It’s a pretty big spirit. While we’ve established ourselves a little further south than Rome, our flower deliveries represent a tradition that’s managed to leap the border of every country in the world. Valentines flowers go hand in hand with the paper hearts that abound on the February 14th weekend, so for the florists in Johannesburg, there’s more than enough work to go around.

Like Valentine, Bespoke Bouquet has taken the mission of romance on the road, ready to make a flower delivery wherever the adventure takes us, though perhaps not so far as Europe. Or the outer city limits.

But – if it’s in Sandton, Randburg or the CBD, we’re more than happy to make your match.



Cupid Calling



The wafty scent of chocolate and perfume is heading our way as February cycles around the corner of the calendar. If you’re hoping to be romantic for the 14th, it’s a good idea to start planning early. For us and the other florists in Johannesburg, the Valentine’s Day weekend is without a doubt the busiest time of the year. The flower deliveries can extend into the evening, where by moon- or candlelight we’re ready to help you conduct your sweet serenade.

While the other love-struck dreamers are numbed by their affections, for the moment you’re still early enough to step in and have your pick of flowers, a florist and a perfect time for a flower delivery. We may even be able to help out with those essential chocolates and a dash of champagne. We have heart-shaped flower arrangements, a veritable jungle of the classic red roses in stock, as well as milder colours for those who prefer to use the holiday to express their love for their friends and family.

While I may not have same wings and timeless youth of Cupid, I can make your Valentines flowers sail cross Johannesburg quick as an arrow. And I tend to startle people a lot less than a naked, flying baby, so that’s probably a good thing.



New Year’s Blooming



Bespoke Bouquet is back up and running now that 2016 lies ready for pruning ahead of us, and we already have a number of flower deliveries under our hat which suggest this year will be busier than the last. Merciful rains have ushered in the new year, something the florists Johannesburg supports can be grateful for as our roses are looking fresh as can be, placing vivacious bouquets and stunning floral arrangements firmly on our summer forecast.

While our florist sets to the tireless work of wrapping up these bouquets and ensuring each has a personalised message from its sender, I’ll be hitting the road for a flower delivery or two (or three) to ensure the poor legless vegetables get safely through the city traffic and right where they need to be.

Don’t hesitate to seize the new year while your resolutions are fresh in mind and reach out to your loved ones with a gift to let them know you’re still around. Maybe it’s time to reconnect with those you’ve lost along the way, or heal an old wound before it sets too badly. Whatever you need to start the year off right, Bespoke Bouquet is here to help you make a plan. We endeavour to remain your number one choice florist in Johannesburg.



Relocate, Decorate

21 December 2015


As the good citizens of Johannesburg set about the early task of travelling far and wide to be nearest to their dearest over the holidays, we here at Bespoke Bouquet are busy making sure that our clients’ guestrooms are suitably adorned to welcome their families, and that those making voyages of their own depart with Thank You gifts well in hand. One quick flower delivery from us could have the most dilapidated stable looking like a cozy roadside inn.


While we finish off the last rush of flower deliveries for the year, it’s important for us to look back on the past few months and how far we’ve come. The last terminal errors seem to have been driven from our webpage, we’re thankful to have picked up a number of new regulars and we’ve found friends among the other florists in Johannesburg willing to help us out with the trickier orders. Our florist has had the pleasure of assembling a number of bridal bouquets, which may find their way into our catalogue next year to make your Big Day that much easier to plan. Good things are bound to be coming in 2016.

For now, it’s roses and blossoms and the rush of city traffic, and watching out for those pesky reindeer frolicking along the N1.




03 December 2015


After another week of births, anniversaries, romances and corporate beautification for the florists in Johannesburg, our online florist is ready to reap a fresh harvest of flowers, and do it all again. It’s easy to be caught up in life’s routine, and fall into a sort of mechanical trap where day-to-day beauty becomes unappreciated, and ordinary. The challenge with work routines is to do things a little more efficiently and with less fuss. Goodness knows I’m better at navigating the city than when I did my first flower delivery, and have achieved a kind of zen about the inevitable traffic jams I know I’ll face along the way. But while you can get better at a routine, it won’t stop it from feeling constricting.

What we offer at Bespoke Bouquet is a break from routine. Gifts aren’t an excess, but entirely necessary: they break the monotony of our routines, reminding us of the specialness of our lives and how we can escape the patterns that restrict us, so that our days become eventful, and carry on in our memories. The attendance of the florists Johannesburg hosts is a relationship mirrored by their relationship to the flowers. They wake the blossom from the bud, to let it feel the sunlight.



Hitching up the Sleigh

27 November 2015


With December around the corner, there’s still time for roses before the customary mistletoe and pine trees take centre stage, though for some, roses will always be called for. While everyone is dragging their gardens indoors to put on a festive display, we’re sending ours out across the city to give its fair citizens that extra sparkle of red and green. In absence of winter, we’ll lay down a field of white petals to set the stage for the not-so-snowy season.


December is a time when people focus on family, so it’s not unusual to get requests for our special bouquets: the flower hedgehogs and flower bears which the other florists Johannesburg boasts don’t offer. These two popular arrangements are bound to bring a smile with every flower delivery. They may be the present you’re looking for to tide someone over until Christmas. Our florist will be happy to help spread the cheer.


Until the holidays I’ll be working hard to get as many flower deliveries done as come in through our digital doors. Thankfully my schedule isn’t as packed as another deliveryman’s who’s out and about at this time of year, and has less to do with chimneys than open doors and the occasional window.



Busy Bees

20 November 2015


With another week of flower deliveries behind us and the wilting heat reversed by merciful rains, our city is once again sprouting petals from every corner. The florists Johannesburg relies on to beautify the lives of its citizens have a never-ending task. Like busy worker bees, we bumble from place to place tending to the vines, keeping it all in good order.

For our online florist, there’s no sweeter honey than a satisfied customer, and each flower delivery is seen to with great care and individual attention. It’s easy to become invested in the adventure of a delivery, wondering who the bouquet is for and what occasion it signifies. The deliveries have taken me to parts of the city I never knew existed, learning the secret routes and local rituals of the dozens of communities that make it up. It’s great when I arrive and other people step up to the quest, too. You really learn how friendly the city can be, when someone local sets aside the time to personally escort you to your client. A job at this florist has taught me that lives extend far past the glimpsed walls of residential zones and office parks. Every day people within are celebrating birthdays, weddings and plain old love.




Beating the Heat

16 November 2015


After what feels like one of the hottest weeks in Johannesburg’s living memory, there’s little energy we can spare to lose while keeping life running as normal. Time spent in a car is a prospect approached with certain dread, roughly comparable to being an astronaut charged with flying right at the sun. It’s a time to streamline things, cut the expenses and rethink efficiency. Thankfully for a grassroots online florist there’s little room for anything but a tight budget and minimal losses, so we expect our consistent excellence will see us through the season.




It’s also important to delegate, and we’re happy to step in and help you with that. You don’t have to spend a second longer than necessary sizzling in the Johannesburg traffic – leave it up to us to do it for you, while you can take some extra time to recuperate in the shade. We’re more than used to handling a little heat on a flower delivery. I’ll just don my spacesuit and begin the countdown.


Our made-to-order style makes us the natural choice as your online florist in Johannesburg as the drought sets in. Nature’s beauty is an important thing to preserve, especially when it’s struggling to get by. We can help you there.



Flower Power

05 November 2015


The sunshine has been out of this world lately, with record highs that have our flowers turning their heads to soak up the solar nourishment while they can. Business is blooming – and we’re eager to spread the bloom across the whole of Johannesburg. While our florist is busy up to her elbows in roses, I’ve been braving the spring heat to get the bouquets delivered to where they need to go.



We pride ourselves on the freshness of the flowers our clients receive – and that means right up until the moment that they are signed over, the bouquets are kept cool with their stems soaking in a bucket of water. That in itself makes for an interesting flower delivery: I learned very early on that taking fast corners with a car full of buckets isn’t such a good idea, and results in some very damp driving. Far better for everyone if I play it cautious, and get the flowers and myself to their destination unbruised and unbent. You can’t rush a custom-made bouquet, after all – 60km/h is more than sufficient to get the job done.


While I dash off on my next delivery, why not have a look around our online store?  With some flower power behind you, you can have all profit of the sun’s splendour right here on Earth.



Resting your Laurels

30 October 2015


After the busy week of flower deliveries we’ve had at Bespoke Bouquet, you can bet the weekend coming will be a happy one for our clients. It’s been a challenge negotiating the roads of the city, where at the moment it’s unclear if you’re going to run against a barrier in the experimental arteries of Sandton traffic or be forced to segue around a march in Jozi’s CBD. But we and the other florists in Johannesburg get by – no matter how many sides there are in the protests of late, I’m sure they’d all agree that a nice bouquet of roses can be appreciated by everybody.



Maybe you have your own victories to plan – hardly a week goes by without our florist picking up an order for an anniversary bouquet to mark the old, comfortable revolutions in people’s own private lives. We’d be happy to lend a hand with those – and as of yet no amount of road closures, falling bridges or redirections have stopped us getting a flower delivery where it needs to go.


The store for our online florist awaits your consideration. We have a whole assortment of arrangements for red roses if you’re feeling particularly revolutionary, and those in gentler hues to let your loved ones know life is as steady as ever.



Colour Me Crazy

23 October 2015


We’ve reached that time of year when the jacaranda trees start to take over the city. The roads are running purple with friendly alien flowers, and with eyes opened extra wide to take it all in you may confuse a walk down the shaded backstreets of the suburbs for a step into a surreal watercolour scene. Everything brightens up with the unexpected dash of violet colour. Everything’s just that much more vivid to the eye.

As much as our florist would like to be able to wrap up a jacaranda tree and have me deliver it to your doorstep for you, I’d have a bit of trouble fitting one in my car. I’ll have to stick to the regular flower deliveries, and leave the trees to those with much bigger boots to fill…

Never fear, however: The principle of ‘What works big works small’ holds especially well with trees and flowers. A bouquet from our online florist has all the vibrant energy of a jacaranda whittled down to a convenient bonsai size, ready for a flower delivery that’ll wake up all the colours of the rainbow. With a flourish of blossoms to brighten up your office or living room, you and your loved ones will be sporting smiles that may even make a few of the other florists in Johannesburg jealous.



Mystery Visitor

16 October 2015


From Randburg to Sandton to all in-between, we’ve sent flower deliveries out to help spread the caring. It’s great to do a run somewhere unusual, even if there are closer florists in Johannesburg. Not only so our florist can add her personal flair but so I can have an adventure on the flower delivery.

Heading out I don’t always know who I’ll be visiting or why. I’ll arrive and it takes some detective work to find a person, because reception won’t be aware there are hundreds of telemarketers in a basement office, or there’s a taxidermist at the end of the road. I’ll end up having to stop strangers and ask for directions – I find people are more than willing to help, and would happily take a bunch of roses off my hands if I let them. If I did I’d need to bring along a lot more roses.

When I find the lucky recipient matched to our online florist, it’s a question of a happy smile or a sad smile – the flowers do bring a smile, in any case. I find the odds are 10 to 1 I’ll be there to celebrate life and happiness. The other 1 time, it’ll be loss or injury, and a brighter moment in the dark.

Who knows where I’ll be headed next? Maybe I’ll see you there. Maybe I’ll have a blossoming bouquet just for you.



Hazy Days

12 October 2015


With a heat wave as fierce as the one blazing through the city, any flower delivery in Johannesburg could be mistaken for a visit from a mobile perfumery. Heady scents are wafting through the air, singed plastic and the sewage-tang of blistering tar are spreading through the streets – anyone with a sensitive nose has more concerns than staying cool. There’s an olfactory battle taking place between clean aromas and the populous odours of city life.


Working for a florist in Johannesburg right now comes with its perks. A cleansing balm of roses almost makes the heat worthwhile, and the chrysanthemum’s scents are so enticing they can purify the sweatiest workspace. Flowers are more than decorative – they’re a way to filter the air as it rolls unctuously by, pleasant to breathe for a reprieve when it all gets too unbearable.


Why not take the opportunity to turn the heat to your advantage? Our collection has never smelled better, our flowers never fresher. We make sure they have a supply of water to keep them as vivacious as they can be right up to the moment they get signed over to our clients.


It just takes a few more clicks to find our flowers online. You could practically smell them.



Happy Birthday to you and you and you!

 08 October 2015


When you work for an online florist in Johannesburg, anniversaries come all year round. While we cover our fair share of flower deliveries to the maternity wards in the city, we also get to keep in touch with the older – erm, ‘wiser’ clientele looking to keep the celebration alive for all the years to follow, fondly looking back at a time when they were less ‘wise’.­


A garden can be wrapped and ribboned just like anything else, though it does take a skilled hand to do it without squishing the petals. We can provide your birthday flowers with the needed delicate touch. If you’re looking for that something extra, we have birthday hampers filled with scrumptious snacks... though I can’t guarantee I won’t drool in their general vicinity during the delivery.



Whether it’s for that very first birthday that’ll set off a lifelong tradition, or a thoughtful gift you’d like to send several years later to let someone know you still remember them after all this time, we’re your go-to florist in Johannesburg. Check out our impressive catalogue – the arrangements are really diverse, so you can find birthday flowers that’d be a special fit for just about anybody.



On Chaliced Flowers that Lies

02 October 2015


A rose by any other name might smell half as sweet as ours do. Maybe because we actually call them ‘roses’. There’s symbolism in a rose: even back when the Mediterranean was the hip and happening place people jumped on their horses and rode out to present their loved ones with flowers. White roses for affection, yellow roses for joy, pink roses for heartfelt appreciation and red – of course – for deep and passionate love.


Something about the prickly little blossoms definitely works, because 2000 years and on we’re still telling each other how we feel with roses. Of course these days, for your convenience, you don’t have to learn to ride a horse to get the message across. We can handle any flower delivery in Johannesburg, and we’re used to putting together anything you may need, even a bouquet of 100 roses, on short notice. One red rose is enough to get someone’s attention... but I can personally guarantee clients find the 100 red roses delivery captivating. They’ll be the envy of their friends and co-workers for the rest of the day.


The orders are flooding in, so I’d best hit the road. Signing off for Bespoke Bouquet, your number 1 online florist in Johannesburg.



Bearing Good News

01 October 2015


We’ve got wildlife at Bespoke Bouquet: stray animals keep getting at our flowers. Don’t worry – they aren’t the savage sort who nibble on the blossoms. Actually, they’re really cute. You can’t begrudge a hedgehog peeking up from the garden. As for the bears – these ones aren’t grizzly. You’d be tempted to hug the little guys.


Please click here to look at Our Flower Animals


We took the opportunity to put them to work helping out with the deliveries. Strapped in tight the bears sit quiet as cubs, while the hedgehogs – notoriously curious creatures – scurry around my car trying to get a look at Johannesburg’s safari.

They bring smiles to faces wherever we go, and when we get there, these bears are all business: They’re specially trained to relay tidings of love and celebration, and nothing stands between them and their charges. A delivery in Johannesburg really takes a team of tiny infiltration experts with the finesse and googly eyes necessary to charm their way past suspicious security guards.


Check them out at our online florist, and let us know if you’d like to adopt a flower teddy or happy hedgehog. Each leaves the nursery with a lot of personality and a blooming spirit.


And I can promise they’ll behave themselves.



A fresh start

29 September 2015


Summer in Johannesburg resembles an extravagant metamorphosis. You can forget the vibrant, hidden heart of the city when it’s being held together with prickly wild grass and balding trees. Just beneath, a cascade of blossoms are ready to emerge. The roads run purple with an excess of jacaranda flowers, cosmos and golden acacia.


Which isn’t to say it’s all sunshine and daisies. To a lot of people, a Johannesburg summer means hay fever, and carefully timed sneezes.Very carefully timed sneezes if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road. Yes, life has its subtle dangers, even if you’re just doing a flower delivery for an online florist.


The solution may well be a bespoke bouquet - you don’t need to brave the urban wilderness to enjoy the local greenery. With an online florist in the neighbourhood you can get a bit of the best of it wrapped up and delivered to your door. Roses are pollen-free, and a great way to embrace the summer. They’re probably the safest way to show your appreciation for a loved one, with the lowest associated chance of accidental asphyxiation.


With our website back online, anything you may need is just a few short clicks away. There are dozens of arrangements ready in the catalogue, and feel free to make a request if you’re looking to put together something special or unique.